Landing a billboard in Times Square is when I knew I could do this. I’m ready!
— Tommy Maksanty

Born in Woodbridge, VA, Tommy Maksanty started and sold two landscaping companies from a young age, and began his pursuit into the fashion industry at nineteen.

As a freelance model for the past four years, the resume Tommy has built is quite impressive.  Now having walked in NYFW the past three seasons, Tommy has been seen on the following runways: World Fashion Parade, Mercedes Club, ASC Productions, ICU Fashion Network, Uptown Fashion Week, Small Boutique Fashion Week, Soho Fashion Week, Crystal Couture Fashion Week, Indie Fashion Week, and many more.

In Fall 2016, Tommy brought home the title of Mr. NYFW 2016 Model of the Year.  This title awarded Tommy a Commercial Acting, Broadcasting, and Hosting course scholarship to The Columbia School of Broadcasting, which he completed in December 2016.  Following this achievement, Tommy went on to be named ASC Productions 2017 Model of the Millennium.

Tommy is currently a Brand Ambassador for OneMama.org, Luminousworldwide.com, and LoLafo.com.  He has also been featured for his personal and professional endeavors in the following publications: Fashion in the Fast Lane Magazine, RepyoGrind Magazine, Caramela Magazine, and D’Michelle Magazine.

Tommy is now seeking representation in NYC.  He is very passionate about building a career in the entertainment industry and will do whatever it takes to get there.  Tommy Maksanty is young, determined, and the next big Male Supermodel.